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About BurnFree

BurnFree First Aid Treatment For BurnsBurnFree has been innovating first aid burn care since 1994 and offers the world's most advanced technology in first aid treatment for burn injuries. BurnFree solves the immediate first aid needs for all types of burns by relieving the pain, rapidly removing the heat, and cooling the burn.

BurnFree Pain Relieving Gel contains Melaleuca Alternifolia (excluding products sold into Europe), is approximately 95% water based, 100% water-soluble, and highly viscous. This causes the gel to effectively cool and soothe the burn while remaining in place on a burn injury rather than running off the wound as water would.

The Sterile Burn and Wound Dressings are made of patented open cell foam and are saturated in BurnFree Pain Relieving Gel. These dressings cover any exposed nerves and tissue while simultaneously drawing the heat out of the burn and up into the gel. This will prevent further damage to the skin that may have been caused by chemical burns, electrical burns, restaurant burns, waxing and/or electrolysis, or the standard clothing and curling iron burns.

BurnFree Fire/ Trauma Blankets are made of a pure virgin wool, woven with a unique interlinking cell construction. The special construction of the wool, allows for the blanket to hold up to 14 times its weight with BurnFree specially formulated gel. These blankets are designed for emergency and industrial use, and to also provide physical protection from heat, fire, and smoke. During transport to a medical facility, the blanket will soothe the victim, reducing physiological and psychological trauma.

BurnFree Burn Care Kits are ideal for inclusion in homes, vehicles, the workplace and restaurants.

BurnFree products are found in over 60 countries, and over 100 million products have been sold.

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About Us

For nearly 20 years militaries, EMTs and medical professionals across the globe have used BurnFree to cool and soothe burns, making BurnFree a leading brand in first aid burn care products. When used as directed, BurnFree provides immediate relief from the pain of burns, and minimizes the depth of burn injuries through its cooling action.