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Construction Burn Injuries

Construction Burn InjuriesConstruction

Electricians, HAVCR installers, machine operators, and other construction workers are all susceptible to construction burn injuries. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, Construction laborers have one of the highest rates of on-the-job injuries and illnesses compared to the national average, which includes chemical and equipment burns.

In an article published in the Journal of Burn Care and Rehabilitation, it was revealed that between 1992-1999 the construction industry was represented in 13.5% of all occupational burn fatalities (Thermal Burn Fatalities in the Workplace, United States, 1992 to 1999; Brent Quinney, BS, Gerald McGwin, Jr, MS, PhD, James M. Cross, MD, Francesca Valent, MD, Allison J. Taylor, MPH, Loring W. Rue, III, MD)

BurnFree dressings, gels and blankets are necessities for each job site’s first aid kit. Because BurnFree stops the progression of the burn, the severity of the resulting injury, as well as days away from work can be reduced.

BurnFree Sterile Burn Dressings are designed for first aid use on burns from all types of accidents. The dressings are constructed of a special, soft, open-cell foam saturated with the BurnFree solution. BurnFree dressings efficiently cover the burned area and yet are elastic enough to accommodate possible swelling or the need to flex joints. Dressings are also sterile, light and easily transportable. A single application of this dressing is an effective first-aid measure on burns.

BurnFree Gels and Dressings.

For minor burns, BurnFree Pain Relieving Gel is ideal. When using BurnFree gel, gently apply a liberal amount to the injured area without rubbing it into the wound. In order for the gel to be fully effective, it is necessary to apply a thick layer over the damaged area.

In the case of a major fire incident, BurnFree blankets are especially effective in either extinguishing the fire, providing an escape route, or as a protective shield for a rescuer or a person trapped by fire. For immediate first aid treatment, the blankets can be wrapped around a person whose clothes are burning or who has sustained a burn injury. BurnFree blankets will instantly extinguish fires, while at the same time, wetting and cooling skin and clothing. This use of BurnFree blankets reduces physiological and psychological trauma by providing immediate cooling, soothing, and moistening of the burn.

BurnFree blankets can be used to reduce the pain and trauma of wounds from fires, flames, scalds, chemical, and electrical injuries. With chemical burns, the wound must be thoroughly irrigated, and preferably neutralized, before using the blanket. With electrical burns, the current must be turned off before using the blanket since the BurnFree solution is water-based and conducts electricity.

BurnFree is a highly viscous gel that effectively stays on a burn injury rather than running off the wound as water would. It is easily absorbed into the matrix of the wool fire blanket and the open celled foam used in the sterile dressings, to cool the injury immediately and effectively.

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For nearly 20 years militaries, EMTs and medical professionals across the globe have used BurnFree to cool and soothe burns, making BurnFree a leading brand in first aid burn care products. When used as directed, BurnFree provides immediate relief from the pain of burns, and minimizes the depth of burn injuries through its cooling action.