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Hotels and Resorts

Hotels and ResortsGuests in hotels and resorts have access to a number of different services, which can expose them to different sources of possible injury.  From burns caused by spa treatments (see Estheticians & Beauticians; Laser Treatments), to sunburns (see Lifeguards), to burns from scalding coffee and other hot drinks, hotel guests can greatly benefit from a burn treatment as a sales item inside of their room.

BurnFree Pain Relieving Gels and Sterile Burn and Wound Dressings soothe the pain and cool the burn no matter the source of injury. BurnFree dissipates heat on contact, cools the burn site, relieves pain, and helps stop the burn progression. Since BurnFree covers the burn, it helps to prevent contamination while it helps to relieve the pain of the burn.

BurnFree never uses anesthetic drugs, such as lidocaine, in its formulation that can cause allergic reactions or is prohibited by many local regulations worldwide.

Using BurnFree gel on sunburns will cool the burn, relieve sunburn pain and stop the progress of the injury. 95% water, BurnFree is a highly viscous gel that effectively stays on a burn injury rather than running off the wound as water would, dissipating heat on contact. BurnFree does not evaporate, and cools through transference of the heat into the gel system.

Because BurnFree’s technologically-advanced hydrogel formula remains stable at a wide range of temperatures, it is ideal for use in the sun. Being portable, easy to use, completely water soluble, BurnFree is a must have everywhere people spend time in the sun to minimize the effects of overexposure to the sun.

For scalding burns, BurnFree Sterile Burn and Wound Dressings are an ideal option. The dressings are constructed of a special, soft, open-cell foam saturated with the BurnFree solution. BurnFree dressings efficiently cover the burned area and yet are elastic enough to accommodate possible swelling or the need to flex joints. They are also light and easily transportable. The foam carrier’s high absorption capabilities allow complete delivery of the gel to the burn site. BurnFree dressings are non-adherent and the inert foam base will not shed threads, strands, fibers, etc., that might become embedded in the wound.

Hotels and Resorts should keep BurnFree Products on hand at all times for their guests, especially in high temperature locations and mountain ski resorts.

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For nearly 20 years militaries, EMTs and medical professionals across the globe have used BurnFree to cool and soothe burns, making BurnFree a leading brand in first aid burn care products. When used as directed, BurnFree provides immediate relief from the pain of burns, and minimizes the depth of burn injuries through its cooling action.