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Mining Burn Injuries

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that 3 of every 100 workers in the mining industry were injured in 2011. While this rate has declined from 3.5 of every 100 workers since 2008, there is still room for improvement. Burns are the leading injury in electrical accidents in the mining industry and mining burn injuries are incredibly common (Cawley, J.C., “Electrical accidents in the mining industry, 1990-1999,” Industry Applications Conference, 2001. Thirty-Sixth IAS Annual Meeting. Conference Record of the 2001 IEEE, vol.2, no., pp.1361-1368 vol.2, Sept. 30 2001-Oct. 4 2001).

mining burn injuries

With BurnFree in each mining site’s first aid kit, miners can immediately treat burn injuries. Mining sites are often remote and far from medical facilities making access to immediate emergency care difficult. Having BurnFree on hand to soothe and cool burn injuries and stop the progression of the burn can reduce the number of days from work for burn injuries.

While BurnFree is 95% water based, it is a highly viscous gel that effectively stays on a burn injury rather than running off the wound as water would. It is easily absorbed into the open celled foam used in the gel-impregnated sterile dressings.  The foam keeps the gel in place at the wound site, to cool the injury effectively. BurnFree contains anti-evaporative, thickening and preservative agents to maintain the gels viscosity and efficacy.

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For nearly 20 years militaries, EMTs and medical professionals across the globe have used BurnFree to cool and soothe burns, making BurnFree a leading brand in first aid burn care products. When used as directed, BurnFree provides immediate relief from the pain of burns, and minimizes the depth of burn injuries through its cooling action.