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Cathie F.

BurnFree is an amazing product! My husband had burned his hand and was running cold water over it to take out the heat. I suggested to him that he should try the BurnFree product that we had received at the YWCA from our new tenants at Exuro Medical. He put it on his hand and within a short time, he felt relief from the burn. He is convinced that it is a greast product that really works! - Cathie F.

Cathie F.

Kellie T.

Today I used the BrunFree Gel from our first aid kit. I have to say this product was amazing, I love it. It took the redness and sting out of the burn quickly and I was able to continue working without pain and able to actually do my job without thinking of the burn. Great job!! Amazing product!! Not only do I want to keep it in the kits at work, but I need this for home first aid kits as well!!


Kellie T.

Terry R.

My wife Vivienne was distracted as she was pouring boiling water from a kettle about an hour ago, and poured some on her hand! Fortunately we had an old tube of your gel which was used by a restaurant owner when a new waiter of his accidentally tipped a bowl of very hot sticky soup down my back . He said your gel was the best and used it all the time by his staff (no wonder)! The gel worked wonders then, and is already helping Vivienne now.

Terry R.

Corporal Jedediah G.

Thank you very much for thinking of us and sending out your product. Last deployment I received the worst sunburn I've ever had, your product made it so I could sleep at night in very little pain. I swear by your stuff, and am very grateful. I'd be willing to bet everyone who gets sunburned here and tries it out will agree. Thank you so very much!

Corporal Jedediah G.

I was burnt with hot cheese on my forefinger, and as a result of the burn, my boss gave me BurnFree. I put it on the burn and in 5 to 10 minutes all the pain from the burn was gone and a blister remained. In past years I have used medications for burns but none that took the burn out as fast. BurnFree is just what it says-- BurnFree! I was back to my job immediately without any pain.

Joan A.

I touched a rifle barrel after cooking off about 150 rounds and experienced a 2nd degree burn. I put BurnFree on it  and the effects of the burn were gretly reduced. The healing was also more rapid. I am a certified combat lifesaver in the military, and I plan on always having a supply of BurnFree to carry with me in the event of a burn incident (whether electrical, chemical, thermal, etc.)

Ross B.

I just wanted you to know what a wonderful product you have in BurnFree. While on our family vacation in June in Moab, Utah, our youngest daughter who is five, spent an hour in the pool with her brothers and sisters. Her skin has always been sensitive and she has eczema, but we were sick to see that when she climbed out of the pool the chlorine had burned her behind her knees, inside the bend of her arms, and between her toes. Her hands were in especially bad condition. She was in a lot of pain, and we were very concerned. We tried BurnFree on all of the affected areas and we could see improvement by the hour. We coated her hands and put socks on them for the night and were so impressed with how they healed and that she was able to enjoy the week with us without a visit to an emergency room. I recommend BurnFree to anyone who wants results in circumstances such as these. Thank you so much for this product.

Lynn B.

I used BurnFree  gel on a sunburn and was completely amazed at the instant effect!! The sting was gone immediately! 

Cindy B.

I work nights, so when I get home, I usually have to eat. I was warming up some lasagna in our microwave above the stove. It got really hot and I was stirring it. I had some sauce on the spoon so I was going to take a bite and as I was going to my mouth the hot tomato sauce dripped onto the area of skin on my neck between the collar bones. I felt the pain immediately. I wiped off the sauce and applied BurnFree to it and later went to bed. The next day you couldn't even tell anything had happened. I tell this story to anybody I see when fire or burns come up. 

Steven B.

Kathy B.

I was camping this Memorial Day weekend and a candle was on the step to a camper to keep the bugs away. It fell over on to my foot and burned my foot.  A cousin and got a 4" x 4" burnfree dressing from an other cousin to put in there first aid kit. They went and got one for me to use and I received instant relief and felt well the day after. I really think your product is great.

Kathy B.

I am writing to thank you for making BurnFree. We had a life changing experience on the evening of August 30th. We were having a family get together celebrating my sister's wedding. We had a huge camp fire. There were about 40 people with about half of them being kids. We had warned the kids to stay away from the fire because my boyfriend was badly burned at the age of 13 years old. They were being careful, but my daughter lost her balance and tripped over a rock. She caught herself hands first in the fire pit. We had no running water so the quickest thing I could think of was to cool the burn with melted ice water from the ice chest. My daughter was upset and seemed to be going into shock. We made her focus on the bunnies on her jammies and talked her out of it. She just kept crying that her hands hurt even though we'd given her Tylenol. Then suddenly I remembered we had a new first aid kit. Much to our surprise, there was a product inside called BurnFree. At first I worried because it looked like an ointment and I know you shouldn't use ointment on burns. As I read the package, I saw that it relieves pain, cools, and soothes. I knew we had the right stuff. Within 15 minutes my daughter had stopped crying and fell asleep. We got up the next morning and hiked out and called the doctor. He wanted her seen A.S.A.P. When the doctor saw it, he wanted to know what we had done. "It looks great. The people in the next room had a similar thing happen, but they had no BurnFree," he said. My daughter squirmed in "horror" as she heard the little girl scream while they scrubbed her burn. She thought this was what they would do to her. The doctor came in and told her she was lucky that her mom knew how to treat her burn so he would not need to scrub hers. Thanks again. My daughter's hands healed wonderfully because the healing started before the burn was even finished burning.

The Bones Family

Having used BurnFree in our restaurant concept for the past year, I can do nothing but sing the praises of how effective this product is in relieving pain almost immediately on burns. Our concept is a Tex-Mex restaurant chain which serves food on sizzling platters. I myself have been burned on numerous occasions by the skillets and thanks to BurnFree, I don't have any scars. It has also kept a couple of my prep cooks from having major scarring on their 2nd degree and 3rd degree grease burns. I highly recommend this product to all restaurant companies and anyone else who works around high tempterature machinery. Thank you! Thank you!

Julie P.

I am writing to tell you what a wonderful product BurnFere is. It is a miracle! I am always burning myself on my oven. I put BurnFree on my burn and it stops the burning right away. My burn heals faster, too. 

My grandson and his fiance were outside all day attending some concerts. Their skin was badly sunburned. They were miserable the next next day. I gave them my bottle of BurnFree to put on it, and they said the burning stopped immediately. Their skin didn't peel and it healed quickly.

It is a miracle product and I don't ever want to be without it.I wish all stores would carry it. You can count on me to spread the word about BurnFree. I want to make sure all of out family have it in their honest and in their emergency kits. 

Geri P.

My husband was burning brush in our burn pit. Unknown to him, our grandson had added gas to the pit just before he a threw a match on it. The fire flared up and burned his entire rights side of his body. I applied your gel and then took him to the clinic. They were amazed at his quick recovery. The only place that ended up serious was his nose. Even that wasn't as bad as it could have been. So Thank You! He has no scars, truly amazing!

Wendy L.

I've used BurnFree on sunburns, burns from steam or touching hot pans from the oven and just absolutely love your product. By the end of Summer, I had used up all the bottles that I had purchased, and had to reorder. As wonderful as your product is, I am still amazed when people haven't heard of your product - and I always share. Thanks for a product that actually works.

Sherry D.

I was opening a bottle of insect and disease control to spray my plants with, when the pressure inside the bottle caused the insecticide to mist on my face. My skin had small red blisters and it burned. I went to our school nurse the next day and she gave me some of your BurnFree gel to use. It was really amazing. The burning went away almost immediately and the blisters in just 2-3 days. The nurse said she always orders several bottles each year and uses it just about every day at school. Since then I have used it for burns, bug bites, skinned knees and scrapes. It really does take the "burn" out. Great product, thank you!

Debbie W.

Just thought I would take a minute to tell you people at BurnFree that I love your product. I found it at a trade show that I was working last June in Las Vegas. I bought several bottles from your booth. I am a master aesthetician in Salt Lake City and I do many Microderms and Chemical Peels as well as a great deal of waxing. I use it after each of those treatments as it seems to neutralize the burn as well as take away any reddness associated with these treatments. My clients love that I use it. P.S. It's also great for burns. I love the stuff and highly recommend it. Everyone should have a bottle around the house.

Barb T.

I was at dinner at my church and someone had gotten burned rather badly on their forearm from a large soup kettle. I just happened to have some BurnFree samples in my car and I ran out to get one for the person to use. She could not believe the immediate relief when I put the pad on her burn. I ran her to the local hospital to get some care. The physician who took care of her later came out to the lobby and asked me what I used to put on her burn. He told me that the lady said that she had been burned before but had never felt such instant relief before from a topical care product. I went out to my car and got him a couple of samples to show him and let him have, and I also let him know that it doesn't contain lidocaine so there is no worry about rash and breakouts or allergies. He told me that he was going to show it to the hospital administrator to recommend that the hospital have BurnFree on hand in their emergency rooms. Thank you for such a great product!

Tom P.

Your product is a life-saver. A few years ago, I stood out in the sun for at least four hours without a hat. I received second degree burns to my head and was lucky enough to have your product on hand. I used it and recovered nicely. I have kept your product in my medicine chest ever since. Again, your product saved me from any permanent skin damage. Thank you very much!

Tom M.

I have been in the welding and radiator business for 35 plus years and this stuff is the best thing since sliced bread. We have used it many times on burns from torches and hot metals as well as rope burns from wild horses, bad sunburns, and for little burns on my grandkids. I know it works really quickly because the crying stops almost instantly. Thanks for a wonderful product that really does what it says it will do. Keep up the good work.

Roy S.

I am from the fire circus troup Carnaval Abraxas. We have used BurnFree because we occassionally get burned with what we do. It was in a safety kit that we found your product and I've never found anything that works as good as this. My firebreather friend got burned on her face and because your product helped to stop the burning, she ended up without any scars. We are always careful with what we do and do them in the safest way possible, but sometimes it can go wrong, so we are grateful for your product. Thanks!

Sonia L.


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